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Golf is a great game.  One day I'm playing so well that I cant wait to go out again and see if I can play even better.  The next day when I play, everything goes wrong But I am swinging the exact same way as the day before.  Aren't I?  One of the most frustrating experiences in golf is to hit the same bad shot over and over and over again and not know why the ball keeps going that same direction.  That is where lessons come in.

One of my favorite horse trainers (you didnt know that there is a correlation to horse training and golf did you?) says, Frustration begins where knowledge ends.  How true that is.  If I top the ball and feel my head move up and out of the shot, I remind myself on the next swing to keep my head down.  But if I make a perfect swing and the ball slices out of bounds, for the third tee shot in a row, I am  ready to throw my club out-of-bounds with my ball.

Golf lessons are essential if you want to get better.  But just taking lessons may not help.  You need to take lessons from the right instructor for you.  Each instructor has his/her own teaching philosophies and techniques.  They are not necessarily right or wrong, just different.  For example, when I teach, I emphasize a repeatable swing.  If you want to have confidence that your tee shot is going to go down the middle of the fairway every time, you have to make the same swing every time.

But I want to hit it further is the statement I hear most often.  My reply is always this, learn to hit it straight first, then distance will come.  Do you know the easiest way to get distance?  Great technique.  Sure there are hundreds of different golf swings on the PGA tour, but there are certain fundamentals that you will find in each swing.  Learn those fundamentals and the consistency and distance will come.

That being said, there are always short-cuts to help circumvent specific problems that a golfer is having during a round.  In the following pages I will answer emails and give hints on how to put a band-aid on those issues.  But nothing replaces the fact that if you truly want to get better consistently, you will need to learn a repeatable swing, and that swing will be learned through lessons and 1000s of golf balls on the range!

Do you have questions?  Add your question in the comment field and Sheri will help you improve your golf game.

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  1. HI,

    I was given Sheri’ s name from a coworker who sent his daughters to her for lessons. Does she still teach?


    1. Hi Martin, sorry for the long delayed response. No, Sheri is no longer teaching. She thought about playing in tournaments again and applied to get her amateur status back. Because of that, she can no longer teach or give advice on this site or she will once again be considered a professional. Thanks for inquiring and good luck on the golf game!

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