2017 Camera 006

This is what we started with, a gravel base for 15 years... ugly!


New gravel, leveled, ready to get serious.

IMG_2067 (1)

Existing retaining wall reconfigured to make room for steps that will join patio to deck above.

When finished, we will have a two-tiered patio (an example of the ingenuity of the Omniscapes design team). You can see the vestiges of the step during the initial excavation.

2017 Camera 091

The Omniscapes crew doesn't mess around. This was a morning's work. The family is getting excited as we start to see the vision come to life.




The finished product is gorgeous. Omniscapes has us in love with our patio.

Omniscapes guys


One of the best things about Omniscapes is their friendly staff. We weren't ready to see these guys go.