Death is Satan's Tool

When I encounter anyone terrified of COVID-19 and adamantly opposed to life resuming in any sort of normal fashion — stores, schools and restaurants reopening, church services and sporting events resuming — their chief logic is rooted in a fear of death, either for them or someone else. I understand that, because I’m firmly in […]

Stop Looking for What You Already Have

I occasionally misplace my car keys, only to find them in my hand as I search. And I’ve sometimes looked for my reading glasses, which I discover hanging from the neckline of my shirt. I fear that’s how it will be with lost souls on Judgment Day. What a searing, horrible regret they will feel […]

Be an Eternal Survivor with Christ

My daughters, and many others, enjoy the television show, Survivor. If you’ve not seen the show, it is a competition of random groups of strangers, living in a remote area. Each person hopes to eventually be the last man or woman standing after the participants undertake a series of team and individual challenges, form alliances, […]